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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Why a desperate need to sleep?

There is a fact "Sleep deprivation can kill you faster than food deprivation"

Time is 0030 hours and although i still have a lot of things to do, i cannot control the movement of my eyelids trying to cover my eyes, forcing me to get a good night sleep. so here I am washing my face, terminating my work for sometime and writing a random post to refresh myself *yawning*

We can resist almost any temptation but can never resist a temptation to sleep, when your head feels heavy and your brain automatically stop processing, you have to shut those eyes and say hello to your nightmares. Now has the thought ever cropped among you guys that Why our body is desperate to sleep after a days work? Is it just for the purpose of rejuvenation or saving energy? I think not! Because while we are sleeping, we spend only a meager 10 percent less energy than we are wide awake. 

So whats the main purpose behind your conscious brain shutting down to get some sleep? Well the answer to that is our brain contains a large network of thread like wiring called Neurons. These neurons passes all the signals between your body and brain through a mechanism of electrical and chemical feeds. Now all this requires a lot of energy, which is provided by the energy filled ATP tissues. And during all these transactions of signals and data processing by brain, a lot of Adenosine is produced as a by-product. When the level of this by-product increases, our brain is forced to terminate itself in order to clean up the mess. Without this cleaning up mechanism inside our brain we can even go to coma and eventually die. 

Transfer of neuro-signals through neurons
So for those, who are tired of their lives and are searching for an option to end it, i recommend being awake for long enough time to receive a peaceful salvation. Keep thinking about my idea, while i go grab some sleep. Good night. *Already Snoring*


  1. Gotcha..;)
    Trying to scare me with it..? :P Kudos - it worked..:P

    1. You don't come online late nights these days, apparently meaning that you are sleeping a lot sooner. So you don't have to worry at all :P

  2. I sleep so much that sleep is scared of me!

    1. Well...bad news for you, Over-sleeping can cause depression!