A Student's Blog: ASHES: Sheer delight for the cricket lovers!

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Monday, 30 December 2013

ASHES: Sheer delight for the cricket lovers!

2013 'The Ashes' series has been won comprehensively by Australia. They secured 'The Ashes urn' once again! It may have been one sided series altogether this time, but this series has produced numerous nail biting stuffs in the past and the sporting rivalry shown by England and Australia has been cherished by cricket lovers all over the globe.

But here is an interesting thing, how many of you are aware of the origin of the great series and why the name "ASHES" ?? Answer to this is actually hilarious! 

When Australia won the very first Test match on English soil, their famous victory in 1882 at 'The Oval', one of the British prominent newspaper made a teasing obituary report stating that the English cricket had died, its body cremated and Ashes taken to Australia! The consecutive series was associated with the term 'THE ASHES' and was quoted as "English quest to regain The Ashes". This is how The Ashes series was born and became a significant display of rivalry between the two countries since then! :)

Courtesy: The Sporting Times