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Monday, 23 January 2012

Craig Venter: The hero of Biotechnology!

Craig Venter, the first ever guy to sequence the whole human genome with his innovative idea "Shotgun Sequencing". While reading this seems to be an easier task as for most of you people the DNA is present inside  a cell and hence much smaller. But this is not the case, DNA is present as super-coiled structure inside the cell in order to fit itself into that microscopic size. But given the permutations a human DNA contain as many as 3 billion base pairs on it and sequencing it is a huge challenge by itself!
During his project there was a big controversy regarding his methods and he was chucked out from the organisation. He managed to get over that, formed his own association with 'Celera Genomics' and managed to finish sequencing and even patenting before the "Public human genome sequencing" organisation. He is a real hero of Biotechnology!

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