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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Abstract thinking...

Do you ever wonder what is the most complex and wonderful part of the human body?? (And not that you dirty people!) I am talking about HUMAN BRAIN. This abstract thought filled my mind when i checked out a report a fortnight back.

To summarize that report in fewer words...."Although human's anatomical and physical structure is getting weaker on one hand, his brain is becoming stronger and faster on the other!" Its true....i mean...how often do you see a 5 yr old working out all the applications of a smart phone these days...quite often right?!!

There is another newspaper clipping saved in my mind of Times of India dated March 3rd, 2013 with caption "Mind reading...a reality!" It talks about the huge potential of a brain to perform Telepathy! I know it ll sound a bit bizarre to most of you readers...but m not  making this up. As a life sciences student i do know a bit about how brain and neurosignals work. And i became more interested when o discussed the functioning of it with one of my friend that i really tried to understand how it works...how we can do multi tasking...how we see a dream...how we remember things etc etc...but believe me the more you try to find out the more you find that its a puzzle almost impossible to unravel (not that even the most efficient researcher working on Cognitive skills can provide you with solid answers!) The truth is "nature has its own ways:...something that may be science can never understand.

There has to be some sort of supernatural power (I don't say god...because some of you may happen to be atheist) which has planned everything, currently watching and smirking at naive humans who think they can solve all the mysteries of micro and macroscopic world !!


  1. I couldnt agree more.
    i have myself been working on a research paper since a couple months trying to explain neurological process using quantum physics and trust me- "the more one reads, the less one knows" stands true when it comes to human brain and its scope.. :)
    Thoughtful observations and nice post..:)

  2. Well...thanks! :) And btw the friend that i mentioned about in this post was you! So in a way it is dedicated to you :)