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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Inventions that can make life easier !! :)

Yesterday was my final paper for seventh semester...."Creativity and Innovation", where i came across a question which really tested how well our creative brain works. To quote the question as it is..."Name four inventions that would help the world and which have not yet been invented?"

Hundreds of ideas ran across my head...some were weird...some jingoistic....some funny! It took me a while to select the most appropriate answer as it was a final semester paper and some unknown external examiner would receive my copy for correction.

So here was my answer (and i know you people would have done a much better job than this)....

1) THE WONDER DRUG: One drug to cure all the diseases. A world without a disease will be a heaven to live !!

2) THE MASTER TRIGGER: One trigger to deactivate all the war machines and nuclear war heads of whole world. A peaceful world with only roses and no thorns!

3) THE TIME TURNER: A device that can control time! Today's world demands speed, one click and the job is finished. And to cope up with this people give complete attention to their deadlines and forget that there's somebody at home waiting for you to come back! So its important to get some free time to enjoy the life with loved ones...After all nobody remembers a presentation on your funeral.

4) INSTANT TELEPORTER: It is said that imagination is the fastest thing in this world! You imagine you are at your friend's home having a cup of tea (who lives miles away from you) and you are there! Life will be so easy when you have such an instant commuting device !! :)

So this is the best answer i could come up with and i understand that your version of 'A Better World' may differ! :)


  1. Really ?? that was the question in your final exam ?? (rolling eyes ;) :P )
    Never the less- smart answer :) however these inventions seem too hypothetical and at some points irrational.. no disease no wars and the time control will bring peace- no doubt bt will also crack down the natural balance...

  2. I respect your opinion, but the rate at which Science and technology is developing, i don't think any of this is hypothetical! Who thought, in my grandma's era, that people would actually hear each others voice let alone see them when far apart! But that's human brain for you! ;) And being a life science student hopefully i'll be the one to invent the Wonder Drug mentioned in this ;) :D

  3. that sounds like a better way to begin the year ahead...
    wish you a grace-filled, joy-filled and change-filled season ahead :)

    just passing by

  4. Do you really think that the Time turner and the Teleporter would lead to a better world?
    I have contrary opinions Mr. Rathore.

  5. Feel free to express it Mr. Chidharth. We are looking forward for your opinion :)